Monday, July 09, 2007

Selling on Ebay

Just found this old draft of ebay instructions. If you are going to start selling stuff on ebay, copy these conditions of auction and live by them, it will save you a lot of time and money. The one adjustment you will have to make regards buyer feedback. I stopped selling on ebay when they stopped allowing negative buyer feedback. You can just pull or rewrite those three lines:

Conditions of Auction:

You must agree with our Conditions of Auction prior to bidding. Please do not bid if you do not agree to these conditions.

Shipping Policy:

You will pay shipping as described in the auction.

To avoid damaged goods and provide timely shipment, we will ship as follows:

We only ship air, on-line trackable, on-line signature-required, and fully insured. Internationally, we only ship USPS Express Mail Service.

We do not ship ground by any carrier.

To ship, we require your name, confirmed address, and valid phone number.

We reserve the right to cancel the transaction if we cannot reach you by phone.

Payment Policy:

To avoid fraud, we will ship as follows:

We require payment prior to shipping. We ship within seven days of receipt of payment, usually much faster.

We do not accept payments by check, moneygram, western union, or partial payments of any kind.

Return Policy:

You can return the product within 30 days of receipt if not satisfied for any reason subject to the terms and conditions below.

*** You agree to:

Fully insure any returned item, to the full value of the auction, and to ship via an on-line, trackable, air service.

Provide on-line tracking information on date of shipment.

You will be fully refunded within two days of receipt of goods that are in the same condition they were in when shipped to you.

You agree that we may deduct any costs associated with damaged or missing goods returned from your refund.

Right to refuse sale:

To avoid scams, we reserve the right to refuse sale to buyers with:

* No Feedback
* Poor Feedback
* Private Feedback
* Unconfirmed Shipping Addresses or incomplete contact details.

Service Policy:

No service is provided. No service guarantees are provided.

We will, on a best-effort basis, answer questions via email anytime, or via phone by appointment.

We don't mind answering any questions at all, and we typically get back to you same-day.

Again, those are the conditions of sale. You must agree with those conditions prior to bidding. If you take exception with any of those, please do not bid, or contact us before you bid so that we can work it out. Thank you!